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He wants to express his sincere gratitude for everyone who has chipped in and supported, and it’s incredibly helpful during this difficult time.

M13′s Medical Expenses Go Fund Me I’d also like to make a note that we are having some issues with Pay Pal. I should post more here….because posts here last a lot longer than FB updates that are buried within hours. I have all these ideas for income and I’m also starting two new youtube channels.

I guess those channels never had much of a chance of taking off. And I guess this will finally be the year that I move back out on my own. I started working out in the latter part of 2013…other than when I do tours, I am still working out daily. Strong and thin is a lot better than chubby and weak. And mine will be more about the News than viral videos. Actually the channels are already up if you want to subscribe early: News M13 M13 I’m not partnered with You Tube anymore. And I need to do whatever I can to make sure he has all the chances in life that I never had. The weather looks like it will be fairly good and everything is looking up. So that’s something for me to be hopeful about as well. I’ve been more active with Face Book though…subscribe to me there if you like. My son is at school and I have a lot more free time. Trying to get caught up on all the gaming I missed out on these past few years. And am working on a Rave Biker 3…mostly in the idea stage…but got some good ideas. So I went from spending 12 hours a day with him to only 4 a day. I’m especially looking forward to the Sept tour because I have quite a few repeat customers coming for that one….maybe as many as 6! When he was one and a half he went to school mornings for 6 months until he was two.

I’ve lost most of my pot belly and am getting some nice definition. It currently looks like I’ll be moving out of my house and sharing a place with my good/best friend Donny. I joined one of those groups that always asks people to join them….Machinima, but not them. My You Tube income has gotten low….it were just me it wouldn’t matter. My contract on my phone runs out in a couple of months. I need to use my phone calendar more to force myself into being more productive. I am officially the exclusive Scottoiler dealer for Taiwan. Anyway….thanks to the few of you who still check in here. I’m also been studying a new…skill….on that in the future. I’m also toying with the idea of getting some help….perhaps hiring someone to start making some really cool stuff. Must be a good tour if people are doing it two years in a row….eh? The new people coming for the June tour I couldn’t give a shit about. And now that he’s 3 we put him in daycare from 8 until 5. I still need to spend time uploading vids, reading messages, and trying to exercise. I often find myself tired……I think it’s part of aging (or more likely poor diet).

'The old man who had nothing to do with it was the one that got hurt,' he said.