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I select it rather than some of his books on the crusading movement because he sometimes became carried away with his ideas, and that is less evident here. It seems to me to be one of the first works to look at the crusading movement from that very interesting oblique angle.

Carol Hillenbrand, Nowadays the idea that one can study the crusades in isolation from the wider context of the Middle East would not be taken very seriously, all the more so as even the Middle Ages are going global.

It adopts a resolutely pluralist viewpoint, which some may think works much better for his period than the early crusades, but as a result it has the widest possible range and remains a vital and encyclopaedic place of reference.

Eliyahu Ashtor, One should not ignore the economic dimension to the history of the crusades, and this work brings together the results of many years of research into western European and eastern Mediterranean (Jewish and Muslim) sources, with an emphasis on the end of the Middle Ages.

To these could be added a host of other fine works.