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I have checked on the internet however the Coke Date Expiry System on the cans have changed over time, found it very frustrating : D. That can't be true because in some way or form there is always some form of decay that grows in food/drinks.

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Any dated code on canned food is the date that the items were packaged, not a "use-by" reference for consumers, the USDA says.

Using the date as a reference point, acidic foods like tomatoes, grapefruit and pineapples can last from 12 to 18 months, while less acidic foods like meat and vegetables last anywhere from two to five years, the agency says. Some states do require sell-by or expiration dates on egg cartons by law, but they're not federally required.

"That's absolutely critical for those products because they may be all the food people are ingesting." Here are some other answers to common questions about the freshness of food products: 1.

Does opening a product affect the best-before or expiry date?

Sorry, but if you can't tell it from the actual can, we can't tell it any better from a blurry photo. best by dates of food in general and soda in particular, we already have those covered in other questions. At most, it would be a 'best buy' or 'sell by date'.


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