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Sex offenses may include any of the following: This involves arranging a meeting with someone (usually underage) for sex, and is a common result of detectives who conduct sting operations online.

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Child pornography was once a rarely prosecuted crime, until the computer age made instantaneous transmission of images and video a mainstream occurrence.

This has become a major area of concentration for the federal government, often conducted by joint task forces combining the FBI, Homeland Security, the Attorney General’s office and the U. Federal child pornography prosecutions can carry extreme penalties, including long mandatory prison sentences.

The classification may prohibit you from living within 1000 feet of a school, and will place you on a sex offender registry.

Failure to register in accordance with the law is a separate felony by itself, and may subject you to mandatory sentencing, oftentimes a more serious penalty than the original offense that led to the classification.

The aim of preventive healthcare is to detect emerging health problems at their early stages, determine health risks and take the necessary steps to lower them. Weprin Ob/Gyn strives towards satisfying each of our obstetric patient’s individual needs.


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