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developed a branded content program featuring custom videos and editorial to support Dewar’s 15 year Limited Edition Scotch.

The program organically integrated key brand messaging and product placement.

In this era of countless brands, this time of infinite messages, a man can get lost ... Playboy tells stories men want to live by, stories they want to be part of, stories they want to tell their friends. Playboy Studios is an in-house creative agency made up of best-in-class creatives, storytellers, analysts, influencers, party throwers, rabble rousers and provocateurs.

And more than ever, they need a trusted voice to tell those stories.

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    According to Strange, "Everything we needed was already in the track, apart from the vocals." Strange used equalization, compression and reverberation but left the vocal balance.

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    Nick will also give a workshop entitled "Disclosure Dilemmas", a speculative and subversive look (from Nick's insider perspective) at the post-Disclosure world, looking at "who's going to get rich, who's going to be famous, and who's going to jail".

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    But if your a non-drinker shouldn't be a problem ... It was a bit of a shock at first, but the more I thought about it, the more I admired his desire to want to better himself, and not be stuck in a really bad downward spiral. The AA program and the 12 steps are a way of life that we could all benefit from. and he knows he can have a social drink and it wont put him back to where he was before.... I want him to be able to go out, and if he feels like it, have a drink, just one, and be ok with that. he did this for himself 6months before i started seeing him again.... it will give you a little more insight into if he is serious about kicking this habit... The one thing that ALL alcoholics have in common is once they put alcohol into their system, there is no guarentee what will happen.

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