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“People don’t think that we care about that kind of stuff,” said one dancer. One stripper spoke of the heated arguments that arise when the clock runs out on guests who have yet to come.

“Some people don’t really recognize that strippers are people. Another recalled prying a panicked co-worker free from the chokehold of a man too drunk to tell she didn’t want want it rough. “Playing goalie for all your private parts,” Sweetpea explains.

Customers can be sweet and flattering and generous.

Many just want to croon their compliments and decorate women with money like strands of tinsel.

These remote, near-dark rooms are tucked behind gauzy curtains and furnished with couches and beds, where deep-pocketed guests are invited to spend alone time with dancers for as much as $400 an hour. Add rivers of champagne and cash, nebulous suspension of the universal no-touch rule—plus the readiness of some clubs to permit prostitution—and guests assume orgasm is part of the deal.