Welsh assembly government single farm payment

Pillar 1 provides direct income support to farmers.

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Governments are required to match the funding provided to them by the EU.

These programmes cover a seven-year period and contain a variety of different funding schemes that support farm businesses, environmental improvements and rural communities.

The current Rural Development Programme for Wales covers the 2014 to 2020 period and is focussed on improving the competiveness of Welsh agriculture, supporting the sustainable management of natural resources and supporting the economic development of rural communities. Since its inception the CAP has been through a series of reforms aimed at making the policy increasingly market orientated, more conducive to free trade and more environmentally friendly.

Each round of the policy tends to cover a seven-year period to match the EU’s financial planning periods. The latest round of reforms introduce a number of significant changes to the policy.

While governments have to comply with a number of EU-wide rules on how funding should be distributed, they also have some discretion to pay out the money in a way that fits their needs.